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NPORS Vehicle Marshall (N403) 1 Day

Course Aims To teach the delegate how to safely and correctly direct a driver who is manoeuvring a vehicle in accordance with British Standards Institute.

NPORS Fire Warden (N703) ½ day

This course will give you foundation training and assessment in undertaking Fire Warden duties and is suitable if you have received no formal instruction or,

NPORS Abrasive Wheels (N301) 1 day

NPORS Abrasive Wheels (N301) 1 day   This NPORS Abrasive Wheels course is suitable for those for those who operate, supervise, or manage the use

CPCS Telescopic Handler A17 (5 Days)

This course is for people with limited or no experience who want to learn to operate a telescopic handler. On passing the technical tests, we will apply for

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CPCS cards help prove people have the skills and knowledge to do their job competently onsite, they do this with: Support from a management committee

Vehicle Marshaller

Who is this course designed for? This course is designed to raise awareness of the dangers caused by moving vehicles in construction and will provide

Face Fit Testing

There are many options available for employers to offer protection to their employees where they may be exposed to respirable hazards in the working environment.

Train the Tester

Train the Tester course will give the candidates the following 1. An overview of how adequate and suitable RPE should be selected. 2. How different

EUSR Deep excavation Training

Course Objectives – Identify the dangers and hazards associated with working in or near excavations. Differentiate between soil types and conditions. Cover different ground retention

PASMA – Towers for Managers

Course Aims: To deliver instruction and training aimed at giving competence in assembling, altering, inspecting, moving, and dismantling mobile access towers. Gain understanding in current

PASMA – Towers for Users

The aim of the PASMA Towers for Users course is to educate candidates on how to safely assemble, dismantle, relocate and alter a mobile access

Health Safety Awareness (CSCS)

The CITB health and safety awareness course is a one-day training course for new entrants to the construction sector. This one-day health and safety course

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NPORS offers flexibility whilst maintaining standards, both nationally and internationally by working with industry and Accredited Training Providers.